Who knew leopard seals were friendly

After seeing these photos, I ran into the video above. As the YouTube blurb explains:

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen shares the incredible story of his personal encounter with a predatory leopard seal in the frigid waters of the Antarctic. These photographs–and many more–appear in his book, Polar Obsession. Available at http://www.nationalgeographic.com/books.

Amazing stuff. I guess I never realized how big Leopard Seals actually are.

(HT to Zooillogix)


10 thoughts on “Who knew leopard seals were friendly

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  2. A number of photos and videos have been made showcasing friendly leopard seals over the years. Certain members of the species seem to develop quite a fascination for humans.

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  4. That’s kinda like the sperm whale that keeps leaving giant squid on my front porch. If anyone wants some calamari, I’ve got more than I know what to do with.

  5. Ah, I should have known you knew the legendary long-distance leviathan.

    Having watched this again for the first time in aeons, I’m thinking we should call Fuller “the angry red herring” 🙂

  6. I’m thinking we should call Fuller “the angry red herring”

    Great. Now I have a mental image of Steve Fuller coated with petroleum jelly….

  7. “You can’t just coat yourself with artificial mucus and slip through the long fingers of science! It’s wrong, and it’s gross!”

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