Rapture Watch (Thanksgiving edition)

We have a new date for the Rapture:

Screen shot 2009-11-26 at 2.18.31 PM.png

Not much point in doing the holiday shopping (or hanging decorations) I guess. Then again, it’s the usual source with the usual chance of accuracy.

2 thoughts on “Rapture Watch (Thanksgiving edition)

  1. It is funny how his predictions are getting gradually more and more qualified. A few months ago he was shouting “The rapture is next week! This is it Doves! Prepare to meet the Lord!”

    Now it’s just a possible date, based on “collaborating” evidence (is the evidence itself conspiring to cause the Rapture?), which he strongly believes.

    Eventually he’ll learn the old psychic/clairvoyant trick of always making one’s prophecies vague enough that no matter how things turn out, you can interpret it as confirming your prophecy.

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