The Darwin Myth

I am currently finishing a review of (DI fellow) Benjamin Wiker’s The Darwin Myth for Journal of the History of Biology. Interestingly, YEC Todd Wood has just posted a review of the same book and has hit a number of the points that I will be making. As Todd says:

This book is not recommended. This is not the real Charles Darwin. This is nothing more than a Darwin Myth. Please don’t fall for it.

Indeed. Wiker asks the reader to trust his assertions (based on no evidence beyond his own creationist leanings and a reading of some Darwin biographies) over the primary material presented by Darwin through letters and other writings. That is not historical writing – that is propaganda. No doubt some will defend Wicker’s polemic (see comments here), no historian should.


3 thoughts on “The Darwin Myth

  1. Thanks for posting this. You’ve drawn enough attention to him that I’m adding Todd Wood’s blog to my list of “check occasionally” blogs. His will be the only creationist blog not in my “Kooks” folder. I just find his position so hard to understand–a mostly honest creationist? Does not compute.

  2. My own classification puts Wood in with Kurt Wise – the best of the worst and someone who I’d be willing to sit down and have a beer with. I think we’d find much to agree with yet also much to disagree on.

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