Philosophy and Theory in Biology

New journal that will be worth keeping an eye on:

Philosophy & Theory in Biology (P&TB) is a peer-reviewed open-access online journal that brings together philosophers of science and theoretically inclined biologists to interact across disciplinary boundaries. This interaction fosters a broad conception of what it means to do “theory” in science and to analyze the sciences philosophically. This broad conception benefits both research communities in their ongoing scholarship.P&TB maintains the highest standards of scholarship while making its papers available at no cost to the academic community, independent scholars, and the public at large.

P&TB is published solely online, taking advantage of new technologies to reduce publication and environmental costs. Readers are invited to participate in active on-line discussions of published papers by posting their comments. Also, authors may post entries on broad issues affecting the field. Our enterprise assumes that an understanding of complex issues in biology and philosophy of science arises from productive and open-ended interactions among biologists and philosophers.

HT to Roberta Millstein for making me aware of this.