End of Year Roundup

It’s that time of the year again, the time to complete the end of year blog meme. I’ve done this previously in 2008, 2007 & 2006. Rules are simple – post the first line of the first post for every month.

  1. It has become sort of a tradition for me to present an end-of-year roundup of the “achievements” of the intelligent design movement. [The Year in ID – 2008 Edition]
  2. New data on creationism in Britain. [ID and YEC in Britain]
  3. Last week I reported that AZ Game and Fish had recently captured, collared and released a jaguar for the first time. [Update on Southwestern Jaguars]
  4. A few weeks back, I updated you on the story of Macho B, the male jaguar that was captured in southeastern Arizona and subsequently euthanized due to apparent chronic kidney failure. [Macho B]
  5. Yet another defeat for the anti-evolutionists. [Di Proxies Defeated in Florida]
  6. In a recent document, “The Roots of Intelligent Design” [pdf] posted on their new Faith & Evolution website, the Discovery Institute states: [The Roots of ID]
  7. The Hephaisteion (or Theseion) dominates the hill west of the Agora in Athens. [Hephaisteion]
  8. Apparently, some YECs don’t consider the Sun to be a star [Sun no longer a star]
  9. Last Thursday I was lecturing on Kuhn’s idea of scientific revolutions. [Kuhn & Copernicus]
  10. Jonathan Wells thinks that “duplicating a gene doesn’t increase information content any more than photocopying a paper increases its information content.” [Wells wrong on information … film at eleven]
  11. There’s a big Darwin meeting going on in Chicago this weekend with concurrent science and HPS sessions. [Meanwhile in Chicago …]
  12. On June 21st 1992 I saw Nirvana at the Point Depot in Dublin (with the Breeders & Teenage Fanclub). [In Bloom]

Creationism, carnivores, history of science and grunge.

Early in the year I set some goals, the majority of which were met. I also left Scienceblogs and set myself up here.  Oh, and got promoted. Good year.