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End of Year Roundup

December 6, 2009

It’s that time of the year again, the time to complete the end of year blog meme. I’ve done this previously in 2008, 2007 & 2006. Rules are simple – post the first line of the first post for every month.

  1. It has become sort of a tradition for me to present an end-of-year roundup of the “achievements” of the intelligent design movement. [The Year in ID – 2008 Edition]
  2. New data on creationism in Britain. [ID and YEC in Britain]
  3. Last week I reported that AZ Game and Fish had recently captured, collared and released a jaguar for the first time. [Update on Southwestern Jaguars]
  4. A few weeks back, I updated you on the story of Macho B, the male jaguar that was captured in southeastern Arizona and subsequently euthanized due to apparent chronic kidney failure. [Macho B]
  5. Yet another defeat for the anti-evolutionists. [Di Proxies Defeated in Florida]
  6. In a recent document, “The Roots of Intelligent Design” [pdf] posted on their new Faith & Evolution website, the Discovery Institute states: [The Roots of ID]
  7. The Hephaisteion (or Theseion) dominates the hill west of the Agora in Athens. [Hephaisteion]
  8. Apparently, some YECs don’t consider the Sun to be a star [Sun no longer a star]
  9. Last Thursday I was lecturing on Kuhn’s idea of scientific revolutions. [Kuhn & Copernicus]
  10. Jonathan Wells thinks that “duplicating a gene doesn’t increase information content any more than photocopying a paper increases its information content.” [Wells wrong on information … film at eleven]
  11. There’s a big Darwin meeting going on in Chicago this weekend with concurrent science and HPS sessions. [Meanwhile in Chicago …]
  12. On June 21st 1992 I saw Nirvana at the Point Depot in Dublin (with the Breeders & Teenage Fanclub). [In Bloom]

Creationism, carnivores, history of science and grunge.

Early in the year I set some goals, the majority of which were met. I also left Scienceblogs and set myself up here.  Oh, and got promoted. Good year.

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