The Year in ID (2009)

As is traditional, I like to take some time at the end of the year to look back on some of the triumphs of the ID movement (see 2008, 2007, and 2006). Frankly, not much really happened and if you look at the scribblings over at Uncommon Descent or Evolution News and Views (both surely the pulse of the movement), you’d think that ID has something to do with global warming denialism.

Let’s start with what probably will be seen as the highlight – Steve Meyer was named World Magazine “Daniel of the Year” (following in Phil Johnson’s footsteps who received the award in 2003). Meyer produced a big book that received a crush note from (that well known scientist) Thomas Nagel in the Times Literary Supplement but is unlikely to have any impact on the biological community. Equally as unlikely to have an impact on biology are the two papers published in engineering journals by Dembski & Marks. The Biologic Institute – now with additional YEC goodness – appears to have not produced any research. In fact, that whole research thing is continuing to be a bit of an embarrassment for the movement. If anything, the year was marked by ID forays into rewriting history (see here, here & here), bad pedagogy, science envy, publishing nine year old conference proceedings, abject stupidity, and using the bible to make scientific points. Oh and defeat … lots of defeat.

So as always, this gives me an excuse to post my annual list of things we didn’t see from the main players of the ID movement. I’ve had to modify it a little given Dembski’s tremendous success publishing in engineering journals:

  • A peer-reviewed paper in the relevant literature by Dembski, Wells, Nelson, Meyer …
  • Or for that matter, a single peer-reviewed article offering either (a) positive evidence for design, (b) a method to unambiguously detect design, or (c) a theory of how the Designer did the designing, by any fellow of the DI.
  • An exposition of Nelson’s theory of “ontogenetic depth” (promised in March 2004)
  • An article by Nelson & Dembski on problems with common descent (promised in April 2005).
  • Nelson’s monograph on common descent (currently MIA since the late 90’s).

See you next year for an update!

Update (12/11): Looks like D&M have done it again and gotten a third engineering paper published. Exciting times for ID. It really is a new science for a new century. A revolution, even.

4 thoughts on “The Year in ID (2009)

  1. Steve Meyer was named World Magazine “Daniel of the Year” (following in Phil Johnson’s footsteps who received the award in 2003).

    As somebody pointed out at ATBC: Daniel is just an anagram of denial.

  2. And again another year past without Pauls Nelson’s “”Common Descent, Generative Entrenchment, and the Epistemology in Evolutionary Inference” being published. Seems his opus major will remain forthcomming for another 24 months.

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