Thirty posts

In lieu of posting anything new while I am on vacation, here are the top twenty visited posts on creationism for the year.

  1. The Roots of ID
  2. Wallace’s “Theory of Intelligent Evolution
  3. Creationists lie to historians and deny
  4. More on creationists lying to historians
  5. Some Thoughts on Historians and Contemporary Anti-Evolutionism
  6. New polling data on evolution
  7. Three (YEC) amigos join the Biologic Institute
  8. Setting a new standard for creationist historical writing
  9. On lying, cherry-picking & atheism .
  10. Todd Wood on Evolution
  11. Dembski’s teaching method
  12. Sun no longer a star
  13. Update on the Flannery (& Dembski) Work
  14. Historians respond to “The Voyage that Shook The World”
  15. Dembski’s latest paper – stillborn, alas
  16. LOL Dembski
  17. Kurt Wise on the move again
  18. More Wallace … this time with added Dembski
  19. The chemical (engineering) community and ID
  20. Librarian fails at basic biology, “journalist” fails at detecting said failure

And as a bonus, here are the top ten non-creationism posts:

  1. Why I left Scienceblogs
  2. Was There A Darwinian Revolution?
  3. Orangs in the family tree
  4. Simon Thirgood
  5. Does science lead to atheism?
  6. The Rapture (Part III)
  7. Irish Blasphemy Law Passes
  8. Buchanan, Windchy, Darwin and Marx
  9. Scientists, Religion & Evolution
  10. Ophelia Benson attempts to score some points … fails