This is hilarious

Some readers may be aware of Joseph Mastropaolo‘s challenge (a.k.a. the “Life Science Prize“) wherein an evolutionist is challenged to prove evolution in a court of law after ponying up $10,000 to be lost if the judge decides that the case for evolution loses. In the past I received an e-mail from Mastropaolo and ignored it and thus found myself on the list of “Debate Dodgers“. Now, in a hilarious turn of events, Todd Wood (YEC baraminologist) informs us that he too is on the list.

170. Dr. Todd C. Wood, of Bryan College, who wrote, “There is evidence for evolution, gobs and gobs of it.” Upon request and with the incentive of unlimited $10,000 grants for his Center for Origins Research, he did not send any evidence. Can it be that there is no scientific evidence to support evolution? Can it be that Todd C. Wood uses brass and bluff like the other 363,000 anti-science evolutionists worldwide? (12-30-09)

Welcome to the club, Todd. The beer is being served at the back of the room.