Christie on John Wilkins as “science fan”

Thony Christie makes the claim that

[John] Wilkins is typical of a certain type of science fan who through their enthusiasm and active support do as much to further the cause of science as any scientist and in fact more than most. Such people need to be studied as much as the scientists if we are to truly understand the history of science.

I’ll be very surprised if Wilkins replies, but read Thony’s post none-the-less.

Bonus – here’s a creationist take on Wilkins.


4 thoughts on “Christie on John Wilkins as “science fan”

  1. Oh yes! Do study me, at $300/hour, special rates for studying me in the US, if you pay for the ticket and accommodation.

  2. Even allowing for inflation since the 17th century, that’s a hefty increase. No, I will pay you in Australian dollars, and you will pay me in Euros, and the difference should fund a nice little German vacation…

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