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This struck me as somewhat interesting. The above graph is of pageviews for my old blog over at Scienceblogs. The average between January and May 2009 was over 23,000 views per month, the average since was 9,900. While a drop is expected, I’m surprised that there are so many pageviews for what is a blog with no new content. The vast majority of referrals are coming from Google Image Search, rather than Google itself or linkage from other sites. Seed Media Group is still making money out of me it seems!


4 thoughts on “(Old) Blog Traffic

  1. I think what is interesting is that the traffic is for images rather than content. I wonder if the same holds true for Chris & Carl’s old blogs.

  2. We averaged around 2500/day after we left Sb, then dropped down to roughly 1000/day. Then they must have pulled the plug on May 1st 2009 we dropped from 951 on 4/29 to 387 on 4/30 to 0 on 5/1 and have stayed there since. We left Sb August 2008.

  3. I think search engines fuel a lot of blog traffic, especially searches for images. I have one image of a bird, not even a real bird (Kevin from the film ‘Up’) – I swear its responsible for 20% of my page views. Nice to know people are coming to me for my ideas and good prose šŸ˜‰

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