A Time Line of Mivart (and Darwin)

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WorldCat has a nice feature by which you can generate a timeline of publications by, and about, a given author. Above is the timeline for St George Jackson Mivart, the English anatomist and anti-Darwinian whom I have been studying for some years now (and finally beginning to write about). The initial cluster of publications are Mivart’s own works which later get reprinted starting in 1977 (red blocks). The final red block is my own reprint of On the Genesis of Species as part of a series on the reception of natural selection between 1859 & 1871 (Thoemmes, 2001). Of note is the lone publication that forms the first book about Mivart since his death in 1900 – Jacob Gruber’s A Conscience in Conflict (1960), the sole biography of Mivart. Apart from a single PhD dissertation from 1996, Mivart has been largely ignored by historians of science. That is the niche I hope to fill. After finishing a few papers on Mivart as anatomist, philosopher & anti-Darwinian, I hope to write an updated biography.

For comparison, here’s the timeline for Darwin:

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Clearly, there’s a lot more being written about Darwin! Of note is the peak in publications about Darwin that occurs about three-quarters along the time line. That marks 1959 – the centenary of Origin.


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