Intelligence gaps in Republican thought


From here:

Obama, who returned on Monday from 11 days in his home state, has been lambasted by Republicans who accuse his Democratic administration of being weak on terrorism and unable to fix intelligence gaps that have lingered since the September 11, 2001, hijacked plane attacks.

You mean the “intelligence gaps” that remained in place during the seven years after 9/11 that these self-same Republicans were in charge? Those gaps?


2 thoughts on “Intelligence gaps in Republican thought

  1. Somehow, post 9/11 we Americans made all the wrong moves. The land of the free became less so.
    We have people now saying in public that which would only have been whispered in private before.
    We have people who would throw our rights away because they are afraid.

  2. I blundered and posted that without a closing statement.
    What I could have closed with was:
    Even at our worst, we have until now swung back the other way sufficiently to undo the damage we’ve done, and sometimes make things a bit better for the next generation. I Hope we remember that he who gives up rights in trade for security typically gets neither.

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