Signature in the Cell: Matheson takes one for the team

I’ll admit to owning a copy of Steven Meyer’s Signature of the Cell – a book that according to ID proponents is the last nail on the coffin of naturalistic science. I’ll also admit to not having read it. I browsed it. I started it. But I couldn’t get very far into it, primarily because it was identical to every damned piece of ID propaganda I’ve read since the mid-90’s. None of them convinced me then, so I fail to see how Meyer’s “new” argument would now. That said, I’m happy to note that Steve Matheson is going to blog his chapter-by-chapter trek through Meyer’s Big Book of ID.

Update (1/10): First installment is up. First major point: “This is clearly a pop-science book and not a serious work of scholarship. That’s not an insult, just an observation.” Laugh-out loud moment: “Nowhere in the book does Meyer cite or mention The Edge of Evolution, where Behe tries to create evidence for intelligent design by calculating mutation rates in, you know, DNA. Hmmm. I’ll bet that was an interesting meeting of the Fellows.” And money shot: “If this book is about building a case for intelligent design by repeatedly restating the fact that we don’t yet understand the origin of the first life on earth, then this book is not an argument for intelligent design. It is more likely the death rattle of the movement of the same name.”