Classes, slides and podcast woes.

Classes started this week. I’m teaching the second half of the Socratic seminar that is required of all honors students at Barrett – you can see the schedule of readings here – and my course “Origins, Evolution and Creation” which is now in its twelfth year. You can read more about that class here. Above are the slides for the first class of “Origins” – an introduction to the course. I tried to record a podcast so you all could listen along, but ran into a problem. If there is sufficient interest (let me know in the comments), I may keep uploading slide presentations as the semester goes on. You’ll need to guess at what I’m saying, but it may be useful none the less 🙂


9 thoughts on “Classes, slides and podcast woes.

  1. Looks like a very interesting course (OEC, that is). I’d love to see more slides (and podcasts, if possible) uploaded as the semester goes on. Thank you.

  2. I am currently taking this class and I really enjoy it. I have many friends who would have taken the class if there had been room and I know at least some of them would enjoy a podcast of the class.

  3. This would have saved me quite some work if I’d seen it earlier. Still, I may steal those gravity slides to explain my students what a theory actually is.

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