If you are looking to avoid being invaded both by the British and the Germans, this is probably a good depiction to throw out there. More details here but you can also click for bigger version. Dissuasive it may be, but as anyone who has been to Ireland knows, it isn’t exactly too much of an exaggeration.


3 thoughts on “Ireland

  1. Ho hum, stuck between a rock and a cholera belt, as ever 🙂 And I can just hear the strains of those blasted Pipers in Wicklow…

  2. Hello John,
    The comments are closed for The Coming of The Fairies. May I quote some of the things you have said in your research for the introduction, in a little film I am making about fairies, mainly from “Breaking Down Materialism”. The leprechauns would be glad to be sure.
    Your introduction helps to bring the book into prospective for me.
    Love from Marilyn

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