The Beast for 2009

In a startling comeback, the American people have climbed back from last year’s #43 to reach #26 on the Beast’s “Most Loathsome Americans” list. In previous years, Discovery Institute flunkies such as Bruce Chapman and Ben Stein made the list but no ID supporter makes the list this year. I’m sure the DI is devastated.

Having said that, their take on Joe Wilson is on the money:

A former member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Wilson was one of only seven legislators who fought to keep ol’ Dixie flying in South Carolina. When his former employer, legendary segregationist Strom Thurmond, was revealed to be the father of his black maid’s daughter, Wilson said that she should have kept her trap shut. He’s pals with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, founded by a white nationalist and classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Every president lies, of course, but we have a feeling there’s only one kind of president this cracker would disrespect enough to shout it at him in the middle of an address to both houses of congress—for the same reason he became a fundraising star for the GOP overnight.


And they get Obama right as well:

Obama campaigned for a “robust public option” and importing cheaper drugs, closing Gitmo, ending no-bid contracts and backroom deals with corporate lobbyists—and he was going to do it on CSPAN. But he’s done none of those things, and his policies on extraordinary rendition, illegal wiretapping and state secrets are pure Bush. Socialist? We should be so lucky.


One thought on “The Beast for 2009

  1. Beck, Palin and Bachmann are well-deserved entries to the list. They’re the poster-children of the unfortunate tendency in American culture to elevate ignorant insanity to the status of a virtue. They can’t be denounced enough.

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