Two brief pieces of note

The January 2010 issue of the Newsletter of the History of Science Society is now available online. Two articles are of note: a short piece on the Tyndall Correspondence Project and a letter by DI Fellow Richard Weikart complaining about my piece on historians and anti-evolutionism. I’ll respond to the latter at a future stage.


One thought on “Two brief pieces of note

  1. A few points:

    1) Weikart writes, “However, ID would also include many individuals who actively campaign against young-earth creationism.” Can you name one? I can’t think of any – I imagine these are hypothetical people.

    2) Is the review process for books and journal articles in history as distinct as it is for science? Darwin’s Black Box vs. a paper in PNAS, etc.

    3) I agree that we should be careful in how we define creationism. If you emphasize the reliance upon supernatural or untestable causation, you can neatly group together the literalists and the cdesign proponentsists.

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