Origins: History of American Creationism (Part 1)

Today’s class is the first of three dealing with the history of American creationism in the 20th Century. This first episode deals with how modern Young Earth Creationism arose out of fundamentalist concerns over modernism. After briefly presenting that history, we look at some of the claims of groups such as the ICR and AiG. A more substantive presentation of YEC claims will be provided by a viewing of the ICR video A Walk Through Earth History (1998) in two weeks along with critical examination of claims in the second half of the semester.


2 thoughts on “Origins: History of American Creationism (Part 1)

  1. Really fascinating. Thanks for sharing; I’m just about to start Inherit the Wind with my sophomores.

  2. Having a commentry for these slides would be good. I have to settle for just looking through them they seem to be quite explanetry themselves the one that I would alter is slide no. 94 ~I think it should depict the ape as saying God made me too.

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