“Creation” Screening in Tempe


Jane Maienschein and I will be answering questions after the screening. More details here.


2 thoughts on ““Creation” Screening in Tempe

  1. I hope it’s okay to air my complaint here: I really hate the title of this movie. It seems to be explicitly intended to court pseudo-controversy. Will we ever be able to have a serious historical discussion of Darwin without the specter of creationism looming over it?

  2. Sometimes a title doesn’t depict the content of a film. It is too far for me to come to Tempe to see the film on this special occasion, so I’ll try and see it if it comes nearer here. There was a lot about Darwin on the tv in the uk last year, I only saw some, but gathered he suffered a lot with Meniere’s Disease and could get quite ill at times.

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