A little snapshot of Arizona

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From the Arizona Central website. Apparently nearly 20% either believe (or are unsure) that Andrew Stack was a “patriot”.


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  1. Well, azcentral is the Arizona Republic’s site, right? And that means Maricopa County. Ask a Tucsonan whether s/he is surprised that ~10% of the Phoenix metro area believes that [insert wingnut story of the week here].

  2. Near to 9% of people responding to the poll think Stark was a hero. And? Except for elections in communist nations you’re not going get perfect agreement on anything. Even when you lump those who answered not sure with those who said Stark was a hero, that still leaves you with a bit over 84% who called him a villain.

    Was the man a terrorist? No, he wasn’t. A terrorist is somebody out to cause terror, to force people to act a certain way. Mr. Stark wasn’t out to terrorize people, he was out for vengeance. He was fed up by the treatment he was receiving from the IRS, and was out to get back at the agency and those who work for it. In his mind they weren’t victims to be scared, they were enemies to be hurt. Read the full manifesto sometime, it’s available online.

    He was depressed, he was pissed, he was out to hurt people not because he wanted them to do what he thought they should do, but because he wanted them to hurt. He had no goal other than revenge.

    Did he do wrong? Yes, he did. But let’s not call it something it’s not, when there are far better terms we could use. More importantly, never assume you would never act as he did, for you have never known the pressure he was put through.

  3. Doen’t it say something about the moral compass of that 9-20% that they see him as a (possible) hero? Whether he was a terrorist or not is, frankly, irrelevant to the issue at hand.

  4. Doesn’t it say something of the moral compass of the 80% who said he was a jerk?

    You’re not going to convince everybody, and trying will only wear you out. As the saying goes, you can’t defend everything.

  5. John,

    After skimming Mr. Stark’s manifesto I am left with the impression that not only was the man a jerk, he was a socialist jerk. Disagreeable bastard is not a job description reserved exclusively to conservatives.

  6. Consider some other incidents for perspective.
    Was Amy Bishop a patriot? Doesn’t the question seem silly?
    How about Major Hasan?

    Why did the Az Republic consider the question valid, and would 9% have said yes about the other two?

    Mythus, do you really think that terrorists don’t act out of anger, despair or vengeance? Aren’t they all saying “leave us alone, I can hurt you?”
    I suspect our definition of terrorism is the more malleable “I know it when I see it.”

    P.S. I’m sympathetic with the 10% not sure group since I don’t want to make a judgement about his patriotism based only on this act.

  7. 8% of an internet poll ?
    somewhere around 1/5 are wingnuts ?
    How does this correlate with the usual percentage of wingnuts on the internet?

  8. Mythusmage: nothing has been said yet of the man’s politics. In the final analysis it doesn’t matter if he was left, right or center, but that he burned his house down and then flew his plane into a building that also housed an IRS office. Is there something odd in your mind about a man who owns his own home and his own plane writing up a personal manifesto which includes the words of Marx and Lenin ? Really, no one will ever know what was in the fellow’s mind. Really, it sounded like the words of a mentally deranged person to me.

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