Another ID triumph! Praise the Lord!

The Dembksi/Marks publishing behemoth continues. This time it’s a “peer-reviewed” paper in … wait for it … Proceedings of the the 42nd Meeting of the Southeastern Symposium on System Theory . The meeting is ongoing at the University of Texas at Tyler. Peer review is, no doubt, up to their previous standard. Co-authors are grad student Winston Ewert and George Montañez (a.k.a. Christian rapper “Atom Tha Immortal“). PDF here and obligatory brown-nosing here.


4 thoughts on “Another ID triumph! Praise the Lord!

  1. On one hand, they’re presenting their ideas at meetings. On the other hand, and more importantly, they keep claiming that these count as a peer-reviewed journal articles. Very annoying, and same old same old.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m co-authoring a paper on gene transcription with T-Pain.

  2. Weirdness.
    Note: the “Atom tha Immortal” article in Wikipedia was deleted.
    How much rap talent does it take to say “GodDidit!” repeatedly, interspersed with “Lalalalala I can’t hear you!” ?
    Will Dembski & Co really keep on publishing rubbish in an attempt to “Defeat” evolution in the name of their god-complex? Is their faith in their god so weak that they cannot stand to see a plain bit of science stand on it’s own merits ? If evolution is to be falsified it won’t be by these people.

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