The Role of Historians

In the past, I have written pieces presenting my thoughts on the role of historians in the creation/evolution issue (see here and this pdf). Now, Jon Weiner has a piece in The Nation detailing historians such as Robert Proctor, Louis Kyriakoudes, Gregg Michel, Lacy Ford, Michael Schaller and Kenneth Ludmerer and their respective roles in legal cases about tobacco and cancer. (The first two have testified for plaintiffs against Big Tobacco, the rest have accepted money from the likes of Phillip Morris).

As Weiner notes,

Brandt, Kyriakoudes and Proctor are proud of their work and let everyone know about it, while those on the other side never mention their work for Big Tobacco on their faculty websites or online CVs. Lacy Ford doesn’t, and neither does Michael Schaller at the University of Arizona or Kenneth Ludmerer at Washington University.



2 thoughts on “The Role of Historians

  1. Weather they call it creationism or creation by ID or evolution, they are just a way in which we came to hear of, and know a way of, looking back in history at points in the world where we went right and where we can access where we went wrong and determin what is the best path to move forward. We are here and now and what is important is how we use the knowledge we have gained by our view point of the history of science weather the subject in question be creation or evolution, or the Stevensons Rocket or Tiger Moth as to the way forward. How we regard each other and treat the planet we live on, that is the most relivant. If important conclutions are being made as near as 2005 then I feel we are reaching a crucial point of our planets history and future.

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