Affirmative Atheism?

You decide. No matter what, it’s better that “faitheist” … I hate that term.


5 thoughts on “Affirmative Atheism?

  1. I have never liked the term atheist. It defines me/others based on someone else’s beliefs (theists), rather than mine, and allows people suggest that I have the views I do because of theism ..i.e. that I am actively anti theism. (hence all those terms in that article: “militant”, “angry” etc).

    I don’t get up in the morning to prove “god” doesn’t exist, and only really care because all those damn theists are mucking things up so badly!

    I also don’t believe in pantheism, pantheons of deities, the easter bunny, santa, etc etc…
    And all for (pretty much) the same reasons.
    So why pick one ahead of the others to define me? Based on the prevailing superstition of the society I’m part of?

    I like the term scientist (as personally I cannot see how science could ever be compatible with any religion). Sadly however, though science may not be compatible, scientist, (or at least the people who are scientists, by the nature of their individual intellectual limitations), has invariably shown itself to be compatible.
    (Much as when I, in my youth, thought socialism to be compatible with christianity… I know!!!!)

    Whats left…”science advocate”? Doesnt quite trip off the tongue. Whatever it is it has to reference a concept of reality external to the individual…but NOT, definitely not, Atheist!

    After all, what will we call ourselves once we’ve won…?

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