Another anniversary

Earlier this month we celebrated Paul Nelson Day and were delighted to see Paul tell us that his explanation of “ontogenetic depth” was just around the corner. Three weeks later, we’re still waiting. As it happens, today is yet another Nelson-related anniversary. Five years ago, I posted a piece (reprinted a year and a half later here) on Nelson’s forthcoming monograph on common descent. By now, it has been “forthcoming” for twelve years. At the time of my original post, Nelson claimed that he was “carefully doing a good job with a rich and difficult topic” but also noted that he and Dembski “have been working on a shorter article, with some of the monograph’s main points, which we plan to submit to the best peer-reviewed biology journal we can find.” In the years since, Paul has had time to work on Explore Evolution while Dembski has continued to produce books like Michelle Duggar produces children. But still no peer-reviewed article on common descent.


7 thoughts on “Another anniversary

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  2. Give Nelson a chance. When he passes the Darwin Limit of 19 years, then we can mock him for his book.

    I started my thesis after he had first completed his, and published my book last year. It took me 10 years from start of PhD to publish, and that includes being rejected by his “publisher” University of Chicago Press.

    He keeps suggesting that I read and review his work, but I still haven’t seen a copy…

  3. In his Commentariolus, written and distributed some time between 1510 and 1514, Copernicus promissed to publish a detailed proof of his heliocentirc hypothesis soon. His De revolutionibus finally appeared in 1543!

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  5. When this explanation is released will it prove that we are created and intelligently designed

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