Republicans use basic science funding as a political football.

Nice to see that Texans are giving us here in Arizona a run for our money. Not content with coming from a state that is rewriting history to reflect the right wing mantra of God and Guns, it now seems that a Texas congressman has killed a reauthorization of the 2007 America COMPETES Act. The reauthorization would have continued funding for science education and basic research. Ralph Hall decided to introduce an amendment regarding federal employees viewing pornography while at work, thus blocking funding by forcing Democrats to seem to be voting for pornography if they voted against Hall’s motion to recommit. And 121 Democrats folded like the cowards they are. These unfortunately included most of the AZ democratic delegation (Kirkpatrick, Pastor, Mitchell & Giffords). Only Grijalva did the right thing.


2 thoughts on “Republicans use basic science funding as a political football.

  1. NOTHING surprises me when it comes to Texas. The only scary thing is that Texas determines the school text book that almost every child in the USA reads. If something could be changes about that, I would probably never think about Texas again.


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