Republicans won’t fund science … film at 11

Remember the shenanigans that Ralph Hall (R-Tx) pulled with the America COMPETES Act? A new version went up for a vote today (one that gave in to the Republican obsession with porn and reduced funding for basic science & science education from $85 billion to $47 billion). And guess what? Every Democrat voted for the bill but only 15 Republicans did. So the renewal failed to pass by 261 to 148 (procedurally, a two-thirds majority was required). Let’s be clear about this – a bipartisan, job-creating bill gets defeated, not by the Democrats but by the Republicans.

And at the the same time in the Senate, the Republicans are delaying the bank regulation bill – seriously, how can anyone think that the GOP is a force for anything good in this country?

[Tip o’ the hat to Phil Plait]

Update (5/29): Third time’s a charm.

Update (6/2): Hall scolds the Democrats for passing the renewal and blames them for keeping $40 billion that they offered to remove (but the GOP turned them down). Brass balls, he has.


One thought on “Republicans won’t fund science … film at 11

  1. I see my republican representative voted against the bill. In spite of his myriad faults, he has typically been a proponent of science funding. He has a teabagger challenge in the June primary and is running scared. I laughed when I saw his challenger’s ballot statement (god, guns and antigovernment), but then lawn signs showed up in my neighborhood. We do live in interesting times.

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