Martin Gardner (1914 – 2010)


Martin Gardner died today in Norman, OK, at the age of 95. Anyone who has been even tangentially involved in the modern skeptical movement will have felt his influence. His Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science was a work that I read as a 13 year old back in Ireland.

Lippard, Plait & Randi have more.


5 thoughts on “Martin Gardner (1914 – 2010)

  1. I remember him well. He used to produce articles and puzzles for various science magazines back int eh 80s. A good man. sorry to hear he’s gone.

  2. “Mathematical Games,” The Ambidextrous Universe, Fads and Fallacies, Dr. Matrix–I remember them all. A big influence when I was growing up.

  3. Loved his puzzles in Asimov’s magazine.
    I’m afraid I thought he had died already. You know it seems to me it would be better if we honored and remembered people better before they died.

  4. At first he was my muse, then mentor and ultimately a friend. Martin was always willing to chat on the phone about magic, magic personalities, puzzles, philosophy and wide ranging sundry topics. I thanked him in person in Asheville and now in bytes for the gift of his personal collection of ‘informal science’ books, just before he moved to Norman, OK. He was so gracious that he thanked me for removing the burden of carrying the books, in fact a treasure trove of information, to his new home. I wish him peaceful, exciting, puzzling and magical adventures, wherever he ends up, if any place at all. I realize now that there is an afterlife, though we often discussed the (im)possibility of such. He will live on in our memories.

  5. When Dawkins was in Norman, Oklahoma last year as part of our excellent Darwin 2009 at OU series, he made a point of visiting Gardner.

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