Signature in the Cell

SITC+cover.jpg I’ve a copy of Meyer’s Signature in the Cell that I keep picking up and putting down. Steve Matheson has been more persistent and has been reading the book on and off over the past few months and has blogged his reaction (intro, chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 [more], 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10). Unfortunately for Steve, he still has a further 10 chapters to get through!

Steve has also begun a short series on his experience, along with Art Hunt, in offering some counterpoints to Meyer’s position at a recent ID love-fest at Biola. Part I is up, and two others will follow. As you can imagine, the DI’s spin on this is probably very different from what happened.

Lastly, the Discovery Institute has produced a new (downloadable) book, Signature of Controversy, which they claim rebuts criticism of Meyer’s masterpiece. It’s largely a collection of posts from various ID-friendly blogs.

Update: Art Hunt’s recollections of the Biola event are here.

Update (5/27): Part II of Steve & Art at Biola is here.

Update (5/31): Part III is online.


One thought on “Signature in the Cell

  1. Mind is the Builder. Apes evolved from Man. We spiraled from perfect Creation to the caveman or neanderthal man. We were not allowed knowledge of fire and the Earth was severely tilted almost to be swung from its axis. We had forced numerous ice ages upon ourselves during all this upheaval or disobedience. Mind is the builder whether it be a centaur, a pig, or a flower.
    Mythology is real. Man lived in perfection for thousands of years, and then came the mixture of creatures, etc. when Man co-created in blatant disregard. We are persons or pure sons (of God).

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