Obama and Arlington

Some on the Right are getting a little frothy about the fact that Obama will not be at Arlington National Cemetery this coming Memorial Day but will be instead at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery outside Chicago (yes, there is more than one of them; Lincoln established 14 of the 16 that exist). They may want to remember that Reagan missed two of his eight opportunities to be be in Arlington on Memorial Day, Bush the Elder did not go at all, while Bush the Younger only attended from 2003 onwards (thus missing two of eight years). Oh, and Clinton went all eight years and thus becomes a paragon of patriotism. So by all means criticize Obama but at least be consistent.

7 thoughts on “Obama and Arlington

  1. Really??? When I Googled it, of course the first hit (and the story I read) was from Fox News. According to them W only missed one — in 2002. I didn’t bother to read anything else, because even they admitted that it’s a RECENT tradition.

  2. Oh okay. I was so excited to have caught Fox News in a lie đŸ™‚ Still. It’s an extremely recent tradition, and it isn’t as though he isn’t going to attend a ceremony at all. He’s not going to be windsurfing off the coast of Costa Rica. So stupid.

  3. So by all means criticize Obama but at least be consistent.

    But … but … if they did that, they’d have no talking points at all!

  4. You’d think they’d be glad he was spreading presidential attention to lesser known National Cemeteries. You’d think they’d be above using dead soldiers as a political … oh. Wait. For a minute I forgot who we were talking about.

  5. I saw this at Brayton’s site earlier. What a crock. Snopes has an article refuting the right wing bullshit.

  6. I think most people don’t realize there are other National Cemeteries besides Arlington, because that is the one that is typically mentioned.

    Personally, I don’t like to see our dead soldiers used as political props. Yes, it is a day to remember and honor those who have given their lives in defense of this nation, but too often the event is turned into a photo op.

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