Science education in Oklahoma … the gift that keeps on giving

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3 thoughts on “Science education in Oklahoma … the gift that keeps on giving

  1. Promising news on this story:

    I am a full-time biology instructor at this school, so I’d like to have the opportunity to save some face now. The creationist instructor is an adjunct who, if I have anything to do with it (I do), will not be teaching with us much longer. His views and teaching methods are not inline with mainstream biology or our other biology faculty and I’m now ashamed for my school.

    There has been some discussion here about accreditation, which is not a relevant issue here since this instructor is part-time. Our school is the fifth-largest college in the state and supplies qualified people to all of our 4-year Universities. The creationist adjunct instructor was obviously not screened sufficiently prior to hiring. This situation will be remedied. We are in dire need in the US, especially in Oklahoma, of a high level of academic rigor in the sciences. Otherwise it seems we may plummet into a technological and political dark age.

    In defense of our college, Oklahoma City Community College is NOT a creationist stronghold, on the contrary. All of our full-time biology faculty understand the actual age of the Earth and that Creationism (AKA ID) is not science. My own area is paleontology, so this series of blog postings is especially embarrassing to me. Jaden, if you read this, I’m sorry for your educational experience! I wish you had been in my class.

    Julian Hilliard

    Hopefully they won’t renew this adjunct for the next semester and that will be the end of it. How to deal with the Dean of Science who told the kid to piss of when he complained is more problematic, though.

    I was really shocked to hear this happened at O-Trip. As far as community colleges go, it’s supposed to be pretty decent. I had friends who went their and they never mentioned any of their professors proselytizing. It really disturbs me that their dean of science would be comfortable with their instructors doing something so blatantly unconstitutional (O-Trip is, of course, a public college funded by Oklahoma City, so it has to respect separation of church and state).

  2. In college I studied ancient religions and there is nothing unconstitutional in regard to the existence of other ideas. No matter how worldly or unworldly they are. People are smart enough to see both and decide for themselves. All of us obviously think we are, or we wouldn’t be on this site. You don’t even need a college education. Let freedom reign.
    The story of Creation is so unfathomable to the ordinary man that that unless a man be enlightened it is best understood for its purpose and so revered, simply for Love. There are some of us who live to love and love to live. I pray and do stained glass with my 2 dogs, because that is what I love to do. There is nothing corny or untangible about love. I AM surrounded by that which I love, simply for the love of love. Love is a luxury for the humble, especially when life is so hard at times.

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