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Been quiet here for a few weeks now, mainly because I just ain’t been feeling it regards writing online (and the World Cup has been a more compelling time-sink). In the past month – while I was essentially offline and not posting anything meaningful – there were still over 200,000 visits for the post that refuses to die, and somehow I find that somewhat dispiriting. Especially considering other posts garnered no comment or interest. Go figure.

That aside, I de-lurk to the sound of Scienceblogs perhaps circling the drain (at least in the form I knew it). Regular readers will know I was blogging there for a few years before coming here last summer. Now it appears that corporate indifference to the bloggers (which always was a vague problem and a factor in my leaving) and the bottom line has trumped all. Ex-sciblings Carl Zimmer and John Wilkins have more as we watch bloggers swim to freedom from the wreck.


7 thoughts on “*gurgle* Scienceblogs *gurgle*

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  2. It’s depressing. but the only constant one can look forward to in life is change.

  3. I am very interested in your book reviews, I for one wouldn’t have known where to start to pick the right book on the preferred subject if not for your reviews.

  4. ie. Signature in the Cell, by Stephen C Meyer. I keep picking this book up 🙂 I’m at page 77 I’m not a fast reader but the content reading moves at a good pace with details of history and practical information, dosen’t seem a bit misleading to me. I’ve learnt a lot up to now. I hope I get through it all.

  5. ie. 99% Ape. Edited by Jonathan Silvertown. I got this book to see how it explains evolution, I’m at page 29, the illustrations are wonderfull but it’s not so compelling to me, also on page 18, that’s a Springer not a Cocker Spanial, so what am I to think.

  6. It seems clear the Irish could have made a better showing than the French.

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