Have they learned nothing?

File this under “This Will End Predictably”. Livingston Parish (Louisiana) is looking to teach creationism in public school science classes. Problem is that they keep explicitly mentioning creationism thus clearly falling foul of Supreme Court rulings.

Jan Benton (director of curriculum) stated that the Louisiana Science Education Act allows for the teaching of “critical thinking and creationism“.

David Tate (board member): “Why can’t we get someone with religious beliefs to teach creationism?”

Clint Mitchell (board member): “Teachers should have the freedom to look at creationism and find a way to get it into the classroom.”

The Board then voted to appoint a committee to study the possibility of introducing creationism into the classroom. They obviously never heard of Edwards v. Aguillard which, ironically, was a decision against a Louisiana statute.


HT to Jim Lippard’s twitter stream.

Update (7/28): Barbara Forrest (Louisiana Coalition for Science) has posted her thoughts. Final paragraph reads:

The Discovery Institute is heavily invested in Louisiana — up to their eyeballs. Whether the Livingston Parish School Board or some other Louisiana school board implements the LSEA — in the way that we all know is intended — won’t matter. This Livingston Parish development — and any other initiative anywhere in Louisiana — will be the Discovery Institute’s baby (or, rather, its tarbaby). As we say way down south, “You cain’t disown this youngun. It’s the spittin’ image of its daddy!” The Livingston Parish CREATIONISM initiative — in whatever form it takes  — will be the Discovery Institute’s offspring. Discovery Institute owns this.


6 thoughts on “Have they learned nothing?

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  2. They will never learn because most of them think that the only real authority for anything is the bible.

  3. Really I have never understood the impulse to deny the reality of evolution.
    If they’re people of faith, is their faith that weak that they must not have anything gainsay their creation myth for fear it will then destroy all else that they believe in ? A myth made up by a bunch of bronze age goat-herders somehow supersedes properly done science ? It makes no sense.

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