Web browsers explained


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For what it’s worth, 47% of readers of this blog use Firefox, 21% use Chrome, 18% use IE, 12% use Safari, and less than 1% use Opera (n=86,995).


> sudo rm microsoft … please?


Seen over at Slashdot – Microsoft is attempting to copyright has patented SUDO. Seriously. More at Groklaw.

My Third Computer


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After that (in 1989) I bought a series of Windows laptops and desktops manufactured by Dell, Gateway and Toshiba. Twenty years later, I moved to my current system.

RFC 1149 for the win

Seen over at Slashdot:

“The results are in: it’s faster to send your data via an airborne carrier than it is through the pipes. As discussed Tuesday, a company in South Africa called Unlimited IT, frustrated by terribly slow Internet speeds, decided to prove their point by sending an actual homing pigeon with a “data card” strapped to its leg from one of their offices to another while at the same time uploading the same amount of data to the same destination via their ISPs data lines. The media outlet reporting this triumph said that it took the pigeon just over 1 hour to make the 80km/50mile flight, whereas it took over 2 hours to transfer just 4% of that data.”

Details on RFC 1149, for those who are not in the know.

On why you should always have a Linux live cd handy

Early last week I managed to make my WAMP server unusable. Well, I didn’t – a Windows “update” did by somehow toasting something leading to an inability to boot. The immediate problem wasn’t so much that the server was dead to the world, but that I couldn’t access a directory of teaching materials (scanned texts) that I need for the coming semester and would be hard-pressed to get re-scanned on time.

After getting no help from our IT person (no surprises there), I tried to find the original installation CDs but to no avail (moving office tends to lead to loss of stuff, I find). Realizing that I would have to eventually install another OS, I first tried to access the directory and thus save the data with some management software. Problem was, I could see the files but not transfer them over to a USB drive (the software refused to recognize the external drive).

To the rescue came PuppyLinux. Downloaded and burned an 60 meg ISO using my Macbook. Booted the dead box from the CD. Mounted the Windows partition and the USB drive. Copied the files. Done. All in less than 35 minutes.

Now just need to install that other OS as the machine is returning to being a desktop. ASU offers faculty a 30G LAMP solution with redundancy and backup so that’s where I’m heading.