Arizona’s Next Wave of Immigrants


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And before some idiot makes some comment about me not knowing anything about the situation in Arizona … I’ve lived in Arizona for the past 16 years and plan to do so for quite some time longer.


Obama and Arlington

Some on the Right are getting a little frothy about the fact that Obama will not be at Arlington National Cemetery this coming Memorial Day but will be instead at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery outside Chicago (yes, there is more than one of them; Lincoln established 14 of the 16 that exist). They may want to remember that Reagan missed two of his eight opportunities to be be in Arlington on Memorial Day, Bush the Elder did not go at all, while Bush the Younger only attended from 2003 onwards (thus missing two of eight years). Oh, and Clinton went all eight years and thus becomes a paragon of patriotism. So by all means criticize Obama but at least be consistent.

Republicans won’t fund science … film at 11

Remember the shenanigans that Ralph Hall (R-Tx) pulled with the America COMPETES Act? A new version went up for a vote today (one that gave in to the Republican obsession with porn and reduced funding for basic science & science education from $85 billion to $47 billion). And guess what? Every Democrat voted for the bill but only 15 Republicans did. So the renewal failed to pass by 261 to 148 (procedurally, a two-thirds majority was required). Let’s be clear about this – a bipartisan, job-creating bill gets defeated, not by the Democrats but by the Republicans.

And at the the same time in the Senate, the Republicans are delaying the bank regulation bill – seriously, how can anyone think that the GOP is a force for anything good in this country?

[Tip o’ the hat to Phil Plait]

Update (5/29): Third time’s a charm.

Update (6/2): Hall scolds the Democrats for passing the renewal and blames them for keeping $40 billion that they offered to remove (but the GOP turned them down). Brass balls, he has.

Three down …

NCSE notes that the Missouri anti-evolution bill (HB 1651) has fallen by the wayside, joining similar bills in Kentucky and Mississippi. That means all three bills presented this year have failed. Two bills, in South Carolina, remain as hold outs from last year.

Last year there were ten pieces of anti-evolution legislation (South Carolina [2], Mississippi, Oklahoma, Iowa, New Mexico, Florida, Alabama, Missouri & Texas), eight of which died.

Learn to speak Tea Bag

Apparently this will get you death threats. It seems there are those on the right who share a dislike of cartoonists with Muslim fundamentalists. Whodathunkit.